“He’s sleeping again.” I said

“He still looks cute, adorable even though he is evilness is superb” I said again

I continue my works back. Eh, forget to introduce myself. I am ___ and in front me is Kyuhyun, my boyfriend.


“He is so cute. I wish I could be his girlfriend”. Yes, right now I am doing my all-time hobby, stalking Kyuhyun. He is an average boy, from class 2 and the troublemaker in my high schools. Oh, I am _____ from Class 1. Expert in Biology, Chemistry, bla..bla.. or should I am SJ’s high school’s sweetheart.

During lunch, I will take my seat two rows in front of him. Well, you know what I meant, right?
But one day, I’d been caught by him.

“Kyu, looks at that girl. She keeps watching. “ Eunhyuk said

Kyuhyun stop eating his lunch and looked at me.

“Omo, he realized! Ottokea? Oh wait, he’s walking to me! What should I do? “

“Hey, you have problems with me!” Kyuhyun said loudly and make all the students in the canteen watched us.

“err..err.. No. I am sorry”

Kyuhyun lifted up my chin and make both of us had the eyes contact. Brown. His eyes are brown.

My heartbeat become faster soon he neared his face to mine. I don’t know whether I am too happy or scared.

Then, the bell rang. Kyuhyun go away with his gang. At far, I heard they laugh.

“It is a dream?” I pinched my checks. Ouch. No, it’s not.


After that incident, I never stalk him during lunch. But doesn’t mean I stop stalking him.

It was late evening when I returned from school. I was alone since I have to do some works at schools.

I heard someone followed me from back. I fasten my steps and so do that person. I looked back and I saw a gang.

“Hey, give us your money or death will come to you”

“But I don’t have any money”

“You lied!”

One of the members held my hands tightly. Whereas the others searching the money in my bag.

“I told you I don’t have!”

“Well, at least we still have you”

“No, please. Don’t do anything to me. I’m begging”

Suddenly I heard the familiar voice

“Yah! Leave that girl alone or deal with me!”

Yes, it was Kyuhyun. My crush. Thanks goodness he was there.

‘Kyuhyun! Help me! “ I cried

“Guys, leave that girl. It was Kyuhyun”

Then, the gang left me. I cried.

“Thank you” I said

“Yah, don’t cry! You don’t hurt, right “

I stand up. I thought he will lift me up but I am so wrong. So sad!

We walked together.

“Next time, don’t use this road. It quite dangerous” Kyuhyun said coldly

I keep myself silent.

“Yah, are you deaf?” he shouted

“Yah, I’m heard! Thanks for the help!”

“Yah, can you speak politely? “

“Yah, who is start it first?”

“I want to make sure that you are not deaf”

“Well, hello. You can ask it politely, right! “

“Ok fine, my bad”

I smiled to myself. Yes. I win

“What you mumbled to?”

“Not your business!”

Then both of us keep silent.

“Kyuhyun-ah, you want to have an ice cream?”

“For what?”

Haishh this kid

“For thank you”

“You paid.”

“So let’s go! “

I pull his arm without realized. Ok, maybe I am too excited.


From 30 minutes, to 1 hour and 2 hours. So lot thinks that I and he talked about. Well, he not really evil actually. Guess what, he is really expert in Mathematics, my worst subjects. Then, the evil plan ‘pop out’ in my mind.

“ Hey, can you teach me Mathematics. I’m worst in that.”

“You what? Hey, I though you are our school’s Albert Einstein.”

“I do expert in others but not in mathematics”

“But I don’t want to help you since I am too busy with my gang, you know that?”

“Ok fine, if you don’t want to help me, I’ll keep disturbing you. All day long”

“ Well let see how long you can stand with that?”

My face is burnt. “Ok, fine!


As promised, I keep disturbing him. Everyday! But he is still with his ego. I followed him everywhere he went. *But not to washrooms*

Until one day, I am really tired and bored with him. I decided not to follow him.

“I think I should forget my wish and focusing on my study”

Whenever he walked beside me, I just smiled. Before this, I will follow him wherever he went.


I still remembered that day.

I want to open my locker and suddenly Kyuhyun grabbed my hand.

“Kyuhyun, I’m hurt! “

He just silent and brought me to the roof top. It was my first time at here.

“Kyuhyun, what’s wrong with you! I have class to attend”

He stared at me and suddenly hugged me. Warm.

“You know that I really miss you?”

“You what?”

“I like you, ____”

I froze awhile.

“Are you really mean it? “

He looked deep into my eyes and slowly kissed my red cheeks.

Again I froze.

I hugged him back

“I like you too ,Kyuhyun”

Slowly, I put my lips on him. Warm. I felt my heart pumped faster.

He kissed back.


*Back to future*

“______-sshi, wake up” Kyuhyun called me that fall asleep

“Eh, you already woke?”

“Actually, I’m already woke two hours ago”

“What? Why you didn’t call me?”

“Hmm, because of this “ he shows his iPhone with the image of me. Sleeping with my mouth opened.

“You jerk! Delete it! “

“No, I don’t”



The End.

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“Kiss me and I will delete it”

With the red face, I kiss him. He kisses me back surprisingly. He is no that type who will kiss in the public.

“Tonight, at my house”