Super Junior leader Leeteuk has been receiving flak from some netizens after delivering the final speech at MBC‘s ‘Korean Music Wave in Google‘ concert recently held in California.

On May 21st, Google and YouTube hosted MBC ‘Korean Music Wave in Google‘ in Mountain View, California and the concert was streamed live through YouTube.

Towards the end of the concert, all the artists came on stage together to sing the customary traditional Korean song, “Arirang“. When the song came to a close, Leeteuk grabbed his microphone and closed the event saying, “Our languages and our faces may be different, but the music has united us as one.” But netizens began criticizing Leeteuk for delivering the closing speech, as Girls’ Generation‘sTaeyeon and Tiffany were the MCs for the event. They felt Leeteuk hindered Tiffany from giving the final speech, and staff members from the event who heard about the misunderstanding stepped forward to defend Leeteuk’s actions.

A representative from MBC who was at the event remarked, “The misunderstanding had spread amongst netizens, because they did not completely understand the situation at hand. The head director had specially asked Leeteuk to deliver the closing speech, as he is exceptionally talented and experienced when it comes to leading such events. The director had simply wanted to neatly and efficiently end the large-scale show.”

It makes no sense to say that he had interrupted Tiffany from making her speech,” the representative continued. “The fact that Leeteuk stepped on stage with a mic already in hand proves that everything was pre-meditated.”

Leeteuk also attempted to relieve any misunderstandings by writing on his Twitter page, “Towards the end of “Arirang”, a cue card went up asking me to deliver the closing comment. If it was wrong of me to respond to the producer’s cue and deliver a speech during a show that was streamed live all over the world, then I apologize. I will respectfully reject any gifts of criticism that are given without reason.”

Meanwhile, some of today’s top artists performed at the concert, including TVXQSuper Junior,Wonder GirlsGirls’ GenerationKARAB2STMBLAQSISTARf(x), and more.

Source & Image : MoneyToday StarNews via Nate