On April 30, the showcase for SM’s upcoming movie, I AM was held at Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo’s CGV Starium. During the event, a Q&A time was held with the SM artists.

One of the questions asked of the SM artists in attendance was whether they regretted becoming an SM trainee in the past.

The SM artists in attendance were given a placard with either an ‘O’ or an ‘X’ to indicate their yes or no response. Among those there, Kangta, TVXQ’s Max Changmin, Super Junior’s Sungmin, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli and Krystal all held up an ‘O’.

Kangta began by explaining, “When I was a trainee, there wasn’t anything we were able to eat beyond jjajangmyun(black bean noodles). [My then fellow member] Tony An once ordered stir-fried noodle rice and he was in trouble for two days. Back then I regretted [becoming a trainee,] but not now.”

Sungmin went on to say, “[When I was a trainee] our lunch was one roll of kimbap,” to which Kangta responded, “We only were able to order from a Chinese restaurant every two days and we filled the rest of our hunger with sausage snacks.”

Sulli also reflected on her past hardships as a trainee saying, “I lived in the dorms from my fifth year of elementary school. I [often] wanted to go home and wanted to see my mother. Since my home was in Busan, I wasn’t able to go down often and see them so I was upset.”

Hyoyeon said, “From a young age I always had to travel back-and-forth between my house and our office. The entire roundtrip each time took three hours and that wasn’t easy. I regretted it back then since I wanted to play with my friends.”

SM’s I AM will premiere on May 10.

Photo credit: SM