Q: What’s your most interesting memory during these 6 years?
A: The most interesting memory is running, crying, and smiling with my members at the concert!

Q: What’s “SJ” for you?
A: SJ is the place where I can find ‘what is me (who am I).’

Q: Please explain yourself in simple words.
A: The existence likes oxygen. It means that I hope people want me to be beside them.

Q: Where are you ranked among the SJ members?
A: We are all No.1 in common!

Q: What kind of works do you want to do?
A: I want to appear in an action movie(/program) and comedy movie(/program), like ‘Nodame Cantabile’ (a Japanese drama).

Q: Were there any anxieties about joining Super Junior-M?
A: There was no anxiety. But… when I tried to speak in Chinese, I spoke in Japanese… getting confused. (<— in Japanese)

Q: What is the secret for high level’s in song and dance?
A: My weak point is a ‘nothing is No.1’ thing. So I take the approach that practice and the stage are all study.

Q: Where do you want to go in Japan?
A: Hokkaido.

Q: What’s the thing that “among member, I don’t lose in this”?
A: Baby face.

Q: Do you have a trouble?
A: That I can’t speak comically on variety programs.

Q: Who do you want to become if you were born again?
A: Just me. I have something the other members don’t have, that’s why I can be here (in SJ).

Q: If you were girl, which member would you want to go out with?
A: Our members are all wolves. But to mention one, Ryeowook.

Q: What kind of girl’s fashion do you like?
A: I like the style where the top is sloppy and bottom is like skinny.

Q: What is useful Korean words?
A: “화장실은 이디에요?” (Where is toilet?) This is most important!!

Source: ‘VIVI’ Japanese Magazine
Translation by: @iccy20 | Edited by: @slutmin


(via: @EverLastingFans )