leeteuk: i remember this day – on a really cold winter’s night – there was exactly one person [that came to watch]. it was a really cold night – the coldest – minus thirty degrees
eunhyuk:eeey not really
leeteuk:no really! and it was so cold we thought it would be good if she could come in [into the same room] and watch sukira
eunhyuk:and from that day, a lot of people kept coming and coming even in the cold weather thinking ‘oh i’ll be that one person’

leeteuk: and because it’s our last day there’s about 200 – 300 people outside
eunhyuk: it seems more than that
leeteuk: i think this is the biggest crowd i’ve ever seen because it’s our last day –
eunhyuk:thank you thank you thank you so much
eunteuk:*says hello in different languages* / bonjour
leeteuk:oh not many people from france hahaha
eunhyuk:yes but we have lots of fans from around the world now, sukira has become increasingly a worldwide broadcasting program.
leeteuk:i’ve heard that many people cried outside today –
leeteuk:hahaha have you guys been trained in your reactions
eunhyuk:are you sad?
eunhyuk:you shouldn’t say that in such a happy tone

leeteuk:since when have you been listening to sukira?
crowd:from the first day
eunhyuk:everyone, should we keep going?
eunhyuk:i can keep going, i want to do it

eunteuk:thank you
crowd:no we’re more thankful – i love you – oppa you’re the best –
thank you, and apparently from outside, they’ve sent us messages – let’s listen to them –

leeteuk:everyone, hello!
leeteuk:from about what time have you been here
crowd:from friday
leeteuk:*gasps* from friday?
leeteuk:so have you been eating and sleeping out there for three days!?
leeteuk:*sounding disappointed* oh okay then, not to that extent
eunhyuk:haha our fans are amazing

leeteuk:from tomorrow, eunhyuk and i won’t be here. how will you be?
girl:sad. i came over crying.
leeteuk:thank you for loving us for five years.
crowd:thank you!!!
leeteuk:eunhyuk we can’t be like this, we have to go out with a bam. in times like this we need –

eunhyuk:leeteuk sshi did you hear about A Pink? eunhyuk was voted most popular by them.
leeteuk:i don’t want their love.
eunhyuk:i’ll take it then.
eunhyuk:do you know iu is coming out tomorrow.
leeteuk:really? let’s go up until tomorrow then.
eunhyuk:how could the staff do this to us, shouldn’t she have come today if she was going to visit sukira?
leeteuk:i want to say this – i imagined all my favourite guests walking through the door with flowers.
eunhyuk:but we only have lots of staff that we always see until we get sick of their faces – we wanted guests!!! the staff look so happy, their faces are glowing.

eunhyuk:i’m not very good at reading (he mispronounced a name) – “i remember them, that time you guys talked about family dinner times and that you guys couldn’t stop laughing and then broadcasting got paused – it wasn’t even anything that funny. you guys worked hard for five years” – i don’t know why i laughed so hard at that now i think about it.
leeteuk:this is how it started.
eunhyuk:someone said that there is actually no conversation because of our laughter.
leeteuk:these moments that our listeners send us are so good, we love them.

Donghae: most loyal listener … or idol with nothing to do?
leeteuk:so someone has come to the studio.
leeteuk:he asked to be introduced as a world star.
eunhyuk:i thought he was just a listener.
leeteuk:his nickname is man #3 (the same nickname he was teased about on wgm).
eunhyuk:this is the celebrity in korea who has nothing to do every night 10-12pm.
leeteuk:the only celebrity.
eunhyuk:such an honour.
leeteuk:he has no mic,please introduce yourself.
donghae:i actually make sure i have no schedule for you guys, every night from 10. i pulled out of a meeting.
eunhyuk:oh, a meeting at 10pm. who has meetings at this time of the night?
donghae:my director does.
leeteuk:how is it? now we are finishing?
donghae:i wish you guys went on for 10 years but to finish now is a bit sad. but now ryeowook and sungmin will continue on the legacy. and to be honest after five and a half years you guys are a bit boring, you guys dragged on for too long. should’ve finished after sorry sorry era.
eunhyuk:you listen every night and you are our best listener.
leeteuk:yes it should’ve been you.
eunhyuk:you were a good candidate with wook and min. but wookmin is good.
donghae:yeah i wouldn’t have done it.
eunhyuk:sorry it didn’t happen.
leeteuk:say something.
donghae:be honest, i am loyal.
eunhyuk:yeah … loyal … but also, you have too much time on your hand.
leeteuk:please love sukira, thank you and sorry.
eunhyuk:what are you doing why are you saying goodbye so suddenly.
leeteuk:thanks donghae.

leeteuk:*reads scenario* i remember i cried a couple of times during broadcasting. a few years back eunhyuk kept falling asleep because of schedules. i got worried and i told him off. i thought maybe he was meeting girls, but that day was my birthday on sukira. eunhyuk made me a song without sleeping all night.
listener:i want to hear it live, i have it on my mp3 – was that 2008? teuk dj bawled his eyes out.
listener j teuk cried so much, i remember.
eunhyuk:gong pd is actually here.
leeteuk:let’s hear it for the first time in a long time.
*plays song eunhyuk and gong pd made leeteuk but his birthday*

leeteuk:right now, it feels like i’ll come back tomorrow to [host sukira] again, so i feel like it hasn’t hit me yet.
eunhyuk:yeah, on the way here i was looking out at the road i passed at the same time every day for five years and it felt so weird – the street landscape became foreign to me.
leeteuk:the fact that we are idol djs is not the important thing, but the fact that we are djs is. five years is a long time and many people have stayed with us from the beginning.

it’s not the end – it’s an and.

leeteuk: we were supposed to listen to tablo’s full song but because it’s our last session we wanted to spend it with our listeners. how do you feel, eunhyuk sshi?
eunhyuk: to be honest, radio was … i wasn’t really associated with a radio before sukira. but i’ve learnt so much hosting it, and i’ve grown attached to it. if i say my 10s was spent at school, learning and playing with friends, sukira was a different kind of school for my 20s where i met new friends and learnt new things. this was a very precious time.
leeteuk: me too, personally i was so happy i could share this experience with sukira’s family and listeners. when i grew up i listened to volume and i cried for their last broadcast too, i remember. rather than being sad, i think … being nervous is a better way to explain my feelings. it’s become part of my daily routine and everything, and i don’t know what to do without this daily routine. we always kiss at the end, but today is truly the last [kiss].
eunhyuk: (struggling to hold back his tears really badly by this time) even when i was very tired and stressed, these two hours were free for me to be so truthful. it was stress relief. but to lose this time now – to lose this time for truthful conversation coming to a loss is sad.
leeteuk: we’ve done lots of broadcasts and programs but for this radio, we’ve shared so much more of ourselves and been more truthful. but we will come back. it’s just that our goodbye was so sudden, but i believe we are going to return.
eunhyuk: honestly, it was very sudden as well that this was our last broadcast, i felt so bad for our listeners. i read articles and comments on them and i was very upset because of you guys, i would like to apologise and thank you.
leeteuk: the sukira family and staff, we’re thankful for your leadership, i think we have to say the end – i always say not the end but the and. we will continue with sukira, but this is really our last kiss. i’m nervous. we have to leave now. but sukira will go on. so please stay with sungmin and wook. it’s not the dj who guards sukira, but the family. we request lots of love.
eunhyuk: (still struggling to fight his tears) what do i say for the last ending. what do i say.
leeteuk: should i do it?
eunhyuk: yes.
leeteuk: everyone it’s been so good. we’re so thankful. this is the last kiss the radio. this is it for us. thank you and we love you. *kiss*
*super junior’s miracle plays*

leeteuk: *reads scenario* i remember i cried a couple of times during broadcasting. a few years back eunhyuk kept falling asleep because of schedules. i got worried and i told him off. i thought maybe he was meeting girls, but that day was my birthday on sukira. eunhyuk made me a song without sleeping all night.
listener: i want to hear it live, i have it on my mp3 – was that 2008? teuk dj bawled his eyes out.
listener2: dj teuk cried so much, i remember.
eunhyuk: gong pd is actually here.
leeteuk: let’s hear it for the first time in a long time.
*plays song eunhyuk and gong pd made leeteuk but his birthday*

leeteuk: ah yes, but there was that incident with english song names right?
eunhyuk: ah~ don’t mention it again please
eunhyuk: leeteuk sshi always passes on the introduction to a song to me if the title is in english
leeteuk: let’s listen to one of the most memorable
*old recording plays*
eunhyuk: our next song is by miley cyrus … party in the … YOOSA?
*end record*
leeteuk: how could you? you make us look bad!
eunhyuk: i’m telling you it’s because they gave it to me in capital letters it was confusing!!! – but yes, now sukira listeners will remember us. these have become memories. when you see miley cyrus you will think of dj eunteuk, and when you drink yooja tea you will think of us.

Translation by: stanningotps @ tumblr / minniekim
Shared by: MelLuvsAnchovy @ SJ-World.net