annyeonghaseyo ELFs!!


@ELFsiwonnie have a BIG PROJECT for our boys!!

we’ll send 10 t-shirts to them by this FEB 2012
The t-shirts is the same t-shirt that we gonna sell to ELFs
so, u must think what we think,right?
yahhhh, SUPER JUNIOR will have/wear the TSHIRTS that same with us!!
unfortunately, we only sell this TSHIRT TO MALAYSIAN, SINGAPOREAN* and INDONESIAN*.

to ELFs, we’ll sell the tshirt together with a BAG and a PHOTO CARD.
the cost is around RM60 or less* (excluded shipping fee)
*some of this money will be use for this project.


We only take 100 buyers only..
We’ll post the design as soon as possible.
At now, we just want to make a survey on how many ELFs will buy this TSHIRT.
Till here!

any information , you may ask
@yanaluvlollypop or @ELFsiwonnie