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스페인의 새벽.. 숙소를 찾아가는 이른시간 인적이 드문 곳에서 갑자기 내 옆에 붙어서 말을 걸던 청년.. 느낌이 안 좋았는데 느닷없이 칼을 꺼내들고 위협한다.. 정신없이 소리지르며 도망치니 포기하고 돌아감.. 혼자 여행하시는분들 조심하시길ㅜㅜ



 Early morning in Spain.. It was early and i was finding my way to my hotel/dorm which felt like an area that was uninhabited, when suddenly a young man came next to me and started talking to me.. I didnt have a good feeling about this and all of a sudden he takes out a knife and starts threatening me.. I just started screaming and running away and in the end that person just gave up and went back.. People traveling alone, do take care of yourselves ㅜㅜ


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