꿈에서 너가 좋아하는 인피니트랑 먹어 ㅋㅋㅋ 목요일날 보자 ^^ “@dalma516: 아무드..나랑..죠스떡볶이..안먹어줘서..드럽게.. 슬프네..아무드..나랑..정성본..안먹어줘서. 드럽게..슬프네..(・.・)(・.・)”



Go there with infinite you love haha see you on Thursday ^^ “@dalma516: So say that there is no one to go “Jaws Ttopokii” (Famous Korean food restaurant) with me… so… damn… sad.. that there is no one to go “Jungsungbone” (Famous Korean food restaurant) with me. (・.・)(・.・)


Original Tweet Cr: @ryeong9

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