On October 15th, newlyweds Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and actress Kang Sorarevealed their pet names for each other on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘.

The episode focused on their first meeting at a theater, which was crashed by Leeteuk’s fellow Super Junior members. Because the two were acting so shy around each other, the members worked to liven up the atmosphere by giving the new couple missions. They first asked them to gaze into each other’s eyes and come up with sweet nicknames.

After a bit of hesitation, Leeteuk decided, “My baby princess.” He reasoned, “She has a bit of baby fat left, and my first impression of seeing her in a dress was that she looked like a princess.” Upon hearing that, Kang Sora collapsed to the floor with embarrassment.

She then decided, “Then I think I will call him my prince. I was going to just call him oppa but that seems a bit weak compared to princess.”

After hearing their pet names, the Super Junior members and the studio exclaimed, “This is so embarrassing, my hands are curling up!”

In a later interview, Leeteuk expressed interest in changing the nickname by stating, “I think nicknames like honey or sweetie would also be good. Isn’t that what other couples call each other?”

Source: OSEN via Naver, allkpop
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