Why is online streaming important?

  • Online streaming is counted towards digital points along with digital album sales.
  • Digital points are included in music charts calculation, (e.g. Music Bank’s K-Chart), and year end ceremonies, (e.g. Golden Disk Awards)

How Korean Music Charts Calculation Break Down

KBS Music Bank

  • 60% Digital sales + 15% Album sales +  15% Appearance in Music Programs + Fondness Scale/Viewer Rating
  • Appearance in Music Programs calc: TV : RADIO; 7 : 3

SBS Inkigayo

  • 60% Digital Downloads + 5% Album Sales + 5% Homepage votes + 20% Search results + 10% Broadcast Time
  • Sites for calculation of digital sales: Soribada, Melon, Mnet, SBS (site)
  • Sites for calculation of album sales:  Hanteo Chart, Shinnara Media, HotTracks
  • Sites for calculation of searches:  Naver, Empas
  • Votes are referring to:  Mobile votes + SBS (site) votes

Mnet M! Countdown

  • 50% Sales Count + 30% Online Voting + 10% Mnet’s Judging + 10% Live Text Voting

Golden Disk Awards

  • Album sales 60% + Audience Vote 20% and Committee Vote 20%

So as you can see, online streaming is really important and physical album sales only count most at the end of the year.

What does count are full song streams, which can be done by foreigners through Soribada and Mnet. It isn’t free, and the price for the Music Card/Mnet Ticket which is needed for streaming costs about $7 (USD). A tutorial on how to buy the card and stream can be found here.

International fans can also help out by streaming with Soribada.
In the past, we could help by streaming for free, but the rules have changed,
and now foreigners can only help by buying a Soribada Music Card.
One costs roughly $6.99, and with it you can download up to 40 songs online.
I know that most of us don’t want to spend a ton of money,
and that many of us don’t have credit cards or paypal but if you do…..
its important to note that streaming is THE MOST important thing to help Super Junior win, even more so than buying an album.
Streaming helps for Mubank,  Inkigayo  (60% is downloads online), M!countdown, and it even helps count towards  many End Of The Year Ceremonies (i.e. Golden Disk Award) and its something even International Fans can help out with!


Digital Sales: 60%
Album Sales: 10%
Broadcast Frequency: 20%
Viewer’s rating: 10%

Digital Sales: 60%
Album Sales: 15%
Broadcast Frequency: 15%
Viewer’s rating: 10%


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