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드라마 < 스파이 명월 > OST를 불렀어요. 뮤지컬과 5집을 준비하면서도 너무도 하고 싶었던 작업이라 기다리고 있었는데 캬캬 또 좋은 작곡가형님을 만나 녹음도 하고 많은 걸 또 배우고 느꼈습니다. 려욱 – 더 사랑한다면 . . 많이 기대해주세요 ^^



I was invited (to sing for) for drama OST. Musical and preparing for 5th album, it was the work that I wanted to do and was waiting for KyaKya and meet good composer hyungnim, have a lot of record and feel like an actor. Ryeowook – If you love me more . . Please look forward to it a lot ^^


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