I tried to imitate Kang Dong Won but…
I’m confident about my singing.
My sunbaes even seek my advice. 

What? You are Kang Dong Won?
When group Super Junior’s maknae Ryeowook (Kim Ryeowook, 24) said he will star in a musical, people around him were surprised. Even though he has been acknowledged for his singing talent when he worked as a part of the team’s ballad unit K.R.Y., everyone was taken by surprise with the news because of his shyness and quiet personality. However, he was gentle in appearance but sturdy in spirit. When his secret dream of becoming a musical actor ripened, he confidently transformed himself as the lead character “Jung Tae Sung” in Temptation of Wolves.

Temptation of Wolves is a jukebox musical based on an internet novel by Guiyeoni that tells the story of teenagers’ love. In 2004, Kang Dong Won received overwhelming popularity when he played the role of “Jung Tae Sung” in a movie with the same title as the novel. Ryeowook said, “at first, I was burdened by the obstacle that is Kang Dong Won. But now, as I practice more, I’m getting more confident that I can show people my own version of Jung Tae Sung. “

“I remember in 2004 when I was a second grader in high school. I was amazed at how Kang Dong Won looked so cool in the movie. After being cast in the role of “Jung Tae Sung,” I tried to imitate Kang Dong Won’s acting. (Laughs) But I couldn’t do it. I thought about what my strong points are. I found a weapon to captivate noonas’ hearts. I’m going to transform myself into a lonely chameleon-like wolf that is tough yet becomes soft when he’s in front of a woman he loves.”

It will be his first time acting since appearing in the movie Attack on the pin-up boys with other Super Junior members. He is trying to practice acting by recollecting how he acted in the movie. But it is still difficult for him to do crying scenes where he has to properly contain his emotion.

“In the scene where Tae Sung and Hae Won are fighting over Han Kyung or in the scene where Tae Sung is heart aching over the fact that his love cannot be realized, it is important to focus on my emotion. It was really difficult because I have to cry with long breathing. But as I focused, my emotion came out without me realizing. I think the audience will watch this scene with their two hands clasped together. (Laughs)”

Even though his acting may be awkward at times that people might cringe, his singing ability does not fall behind compared to others. That is because he’s known for his singing talent among the members of Super Junior and the musical numbers are composed of songs by the other idols. In terms of singing, even his sunbaes in the musical field Sung Doo Seop and Jang Hyun Duk who have been cast in the same role as Ryeowook seek his advice.

“Pop songs are familiar to me since I’ve been singing it many times. I have a task of overcoming the fact that the vocalization is different. When I sing on stage, I can communicate with the audience with a small voice. But in a musical, you have to speak loudly so that everyone can hear.”

He received a big present of becoming the lead in a musical and he also had to drink a poisoned drink of competing with his members. As if fate’s playing a cruel joke on him, he has to go head to head against Sungmin who’s appearing in Jack the Ripper and Kyuhyun who’s appearing in The Three Musketeers.

“Truthfully, I feel a little pressure. But we encourage each other more. One time, Donghae hyung went to Itaewon and saw the banners of the three musicals hanging side by side. He told me he felt proud. My members are my biggest supporters that I couldn’t have done anything if I didn’t have them. But if I had to pick a musical that would be the most successful, it would be the teen genre of Temptation of Wolves. (Laughs)”]

Nowadays, Ryeowook is busy. Besides practicing his musical, he’s preparing for the concert in Paris, the concert in Taiwan, and the fifth album. Every day, he practices his musical until 10 pm then runs to the recording studio and focuses working on the album. However, instead of looking tired, he is full of excitement and anxiety.

“If I was to give myself a score as a musical actor, I’m still at 50 points. I’m lacking in a lot of aspects. But I’m confident. If you look at it, singing is a type of acting where you contain emotion in melody. Since I’ve been training as a singer for awhile, now I’m going to work hard to realize my dream of becoming the best in musical.”

“Even though it was because of my fans… but the news about the tickets being all sold out was thrilling.”

Ryeowook showed off his power to sell tickets in his first try at musical. The musical field was taken by surprise when Temptation of Wolves’ presale tickets were all sold out quickly.

“My manager hyung sent me a text congratulating me. I was thrilled. That day, I wrote a thank you letter on Twitter right away. Of course the audience will be mostly Super Junior fans. But later on, I hope people hear good things about the musical that people of all ages will come and see it. I hope to hear from people such things, “an idol singer is appearing in it. I heard he’s good at singing and acting. I heard his name is Ryeowook. I want to see his performance.””

Source: FNN
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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