Super Junior’s Leeteuk (Park Jung Soo) astonishes fans with his ageless face.

Recently on the homepage of KBS’s Cool FM ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘, Leeteuk posted a birthday picture holding a birthday cake from his fans. The cake was specially made with edible figures featuring 9 different Leeteuk transformations. However, the most apparent aspect of the cake was the candle placed in the middle, indicating Leeteuk’s age.

Leeteuk was born on July 1st, 1983, and turned 29 (Korean age) this year.

However, it was surprising to many people because of his young face. In the picture, next to Leeteuk was Eun Hyuk who was pointing at the “29″ candle while covering his mouth, with a shocked expression on his face, making everyone laugh.

When seeing this picture, netizens said, “Eun Hyuk’s facial expression is so cute,” “I can’t believe Leeteuk is 29 already,” “His face is so young, I’m so jealous,” and “He has the ultimate young face!“‘

Source & Photo: Nate