On SBS’s program “Strong Heart”Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed some very interesting insight his love life.

Heechul stated that his relationship experiences are different from what most people believe. Even though it may be disappointing, he revealed apologetically that after debuting, he had indeed dated other celebrities. However, he also revealed that he always ended up being dumped after asking, “Do you really like me?”

His close friend, Lee Young Ah explained this further by saying, “Heechul tends to act better around casual friends than around someone he really likes.”

Kim Heechul said, “I’m shy and when my girlfriend gets angry, I just kiss her. When I want to purchase a gift, I secretly worry about it a lot, but once I meet her, I just say, ‘Here, take this,’ and toss it at her.”

Heechul was asked if he would let someone go coolly if she wanted to break up with him and he replied,“I would have to. I wouldn’t want to, but I can’t hold onto her.” He continued by saying, “Sulli is 11 years younger than I am, but she asked me, ‘It’s good as long as I don’t date a guy like you, right?’”

He continued, “In 2010, while I was dating a celebrity, I realized that if a scandal were to start, it would do more damage to her than to me so I decided that I would have to protect her. That is why I met with the CEO and Media Public Relations for early consultation. I asked them to say that I followed her around if any news about us started. For that relationship, I did not pay her enough attention. If she contacted me saying that she missed me, I said that I was in a meeting and ignored her. I am currently single, but if I were to date again, I don’t know how I should behave so that we could meet each other.”

Super Junior member Shindong stated, “I think women believe that they can change Kim Heechul so they work hard for 3 months then dump him when there’s no progress,” causing laughter in the show.

Source: Nate

via : allkpop