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Kyu got called from Siwon,

“annyeong~ Kyu, sorry for bothering you. I just wanna tell that Min accident. He’s critical now. Seoul Hospital, “ Siwon said

Kyu weak. His phone dropped to the ground.

“Kyu, what’s happen,bro . are u ok?” Yesung said

“Min… he was accident. Critical. “Kyu said

“what!!” Leeteuk and Yesung shocked

All of them went to Seoul Hospital. They went to Min’s room. Siwon right. Min critical. Too critical. His heart beats slowly. Just like counting the death time.

Kyu cried. He never expected that he’ll be on that moment. See the person he loves walking to death.

“Kyu, I have something to give you. The doctor gave to me. He said that Min hold this during accident, “  Siwon said and gave Kyu that thing.

That thing is a letter. The letter a little bit bloody. Kyu read the letter.

Annyeonghaseyo Kyu,

At the first time we met, I already felt that u’re different. U not like other guys. Even u’re so cruel to me, actually u’re such a nice guy.

I’m so sorry ‘cuz didn’t realise that u love me that much. I just want u to know that, I love you since the first time we met. I was afraid to tell u ‘cuz I’m afraid that u’ll rejected me. I’m too afraid.

Hopefully, u’ll have a such happily family with Wookie. He’s kind, I know. He’ll take care of u maybe more than I.

I love u, I love u, I love u, there’s only word that I can tell u.

Believe me, my heart is beating only for u since the first day we met, till now and forever.

I still waiting here, standing at this place, waiting our love united again.

Nol saranghae, Kyu!!!

                                                                                                           With love,


p/s: saranghaeyo, evil. Thanks for love me like an evil.



Kyu’s eyes started to tear. He went beside of Min. He held Min’s hands. His tears felt to the Min’s hands.

“Min, I’m so sorry. I never thought that this will happen. Mianhe. Cheongmal mianhe, Min “ Kyu said

There’s no response.

“please, wake up and say i love u again to me. Please, I beg.. “ Kyu said

“ u didn’t heard my new song that I compose to u, Min ‘’ Kyu continued

Suddenly, Min’s heart stopped beating.  Doctor went into the room and checked Min. No response.

“time death, 3.45 pm” the doctor said

“Min, please don’t go, “ Kyu cried

At this time,  but past year ago, is the time where at the first time Kyu and Min met. 3.45 pm is the time where the first time they met and the last time they met.

“ Min, u lied to me. U said that u’ll wait for me but u not. How could u, Min. u are so mean. “ Kyu said

Siwon, Leeteuk , Yesung and Wookie went out from the room. They wanted Kyu have a time with Min.

Slowly, Kyu sang ‘ the one that I love’ song to Min. This is one of the Min’s favourite song.

Kyu can’t control himself.

Suddenly, he heard someone called his name. That voice really common to him. The voice that he really want to hear rite now. He turned off. He saw ‘Min’ in white. Min smiled at him.

“ Min, please don’t go, “ Kyu said

He went to the window and tried to chase Min.

Then. <BOOM!> . Kyu felt down to the ground from 13rd floor. His bleed. Serious bleed.

“Kyu!!!!!!!!” Wookie shouted from Min’s room

Many people surrounded him. Then, Kyu saw Min. Min lied beside him. Min just smiled. Kyu too. Their hands touched.

Then, Kyu saw black.

Kyu dead 20 minutes after Min dead.


Kyu saw a bench. Min. Kyu went to Min. Min in white. Same goes to Kyu.

“Min, cheongmal mianhe cuz denying our love. Saranghae!! “ Kyu said and held Min’s hand

“its ok, Kyu. Me either. Sorry for not realise your love. Kyu, I never broke my promise. See, I’m waiting u at here.. “ Min said

“yeah, and waiting our love united, “ Kyu said

“SARANGHAEYO, EVIL… thanks for love me like an EVIL , “ Min said

Then, they kissed

At same time but in the REAL  world,

“what are u looking?“ Yesung said

“look at that birds. So sweet. I guess Kyu and Min must be like that on ‘there’ , “ Wookie said

“yeah, hopefully.. haha, u don’t want be like that? “ Yesung said

“with who?? “ Wookie said

“with me.. LOL~ ,” Yesung said

‘’ haha, why not, rite ?“ Wookie said

Then, they walked together. Their love story start to begin…



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