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The door was knock,

“coming, “ Kyu said

Min entered the room. Kyu quite shocked.

“Min…. “ Kyu said

“Kyu, tell me the truth, u love me, rite, “ Min said

“wha…what are talking ‘bout, “ Kyu said

“stop your lie, Kyu. You did, rite? “ Min said

“if I did, it’s already late. “ Kyu said

“what u’ll do if I say that I love u too, “ Min said

Kyu shocked. Min just silent. His eyes start teary.

“there’s nothing I can do, Min. My heart is already dead for love. I’m too disappointed when I got news that Siwon back to u. Starting that moment, I never know the meaning of LOVE,“ Kyu said

“but, u can cancel this wedding and back to me, “ Min said

Kyu just silent. He went to the door, quickly, Min hugged Kyu’s back.

“please ,for the sake of our love, “ Min said

“mianhae, I don’t want disappointed Wookie just like u disappointed me, “ Kyu said

“saranghae, Kyu , “ Min said

Slowly, Kyu held Min hands and let it go. He went out.

Min cried. When the door was closed,

“saranghae, Min. I’m sorry, “ Kyu whispered to the door

But, Kyu never realise that someone already heard the conversation between him and Min. Kyu went inside the church.

Leeteuk and Yesung just looked at him.

“it seem our plan FAIL, “ Yesung said

After 30 minutes, Wookie and Kyu already be in front of Brother.

“ Cho Gyu Hyun, will you take Kim Ryeowook as your wife? “ the Brother said

“yes, I do. “ Kyu said

“Kim Ryeowook, will you take Cho Gyu Hyun as your husband? “ the Brother said

“ i..i… I don’t, “ Wookie said

All the audience got shocked.

“wae? “ Kyu said

“Kyu, I already heard everything. U not love me, u love Min, rite?? “ Wookie said

“but….” Kyu said

“please, chase him. Before late. Do for your love, “ Wookie said

Then, Kyu ran out from the church. Leeteuk and Yesung followed him. Suddenly, he got called.


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