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It’s already 4 months after Kyu went out from hospital.


As promised, Lady Hee introduced Ryeowook aka Wookie to Kyu. They quite match. Seem Kyu also happy with Wookie.


“Kyuhyun-ah, where are you.?? “ Wookie called Kyu


“Wookie, cheongmal mianhe. I’ll be late. Traffic jam.” Kyu said


“oh, I’m waiting,ok!” Wookie said



Wookie hang up the phone. Then, Wookie saw Min. Having a cup of coffee. Alone.


“Min-ah!! Here..” Wookie shouted


“Wookie.. wait. I’ll be there, “ Min said


Then, Min pulled a chair and sat infront of Wookie.


“what are doing here, “ Min said


“date, with Kyu, haha… how ‘bout you??” Wookie said


“nothing.. where’s Kyu?? “ Min asked


“Traffic jam, “ Wookie said



 After a half hour later, Kyu came

“I’m so sorry, I’m ……” Kyu speechless when he saw Min


“annyeong~ Kyu!! “ Min bow


“oh,annyeong~ “  Kyu said


“Kyu, sit down here, “ Wookie said


Then, Kyu pulled a chair and sat,

“thanks God I found Min. You know Kyu, Min such a nice person. I’m so happy with him “ Wookie said


“oh, good to hear that, “ Kyu said


All of them have conversation, but seem Kyu quite silent on that date. Wookie never realised but Min did.



The next morning, Kyu have a photoshot for ELF Magazines.

Min realise that after the dinner past 4 months ago, Kyu totally different. He always want to escape from him. Min wonder why. He decided to ask him.


“Kyu, let’s have a talk, 10 minutes. “ Min said


“Sungmin ,I’m busy, “ Kyu said


“ no , you don’t. please! “ Min said


“10 minutes, “ Kyu said


“what’s wrong with you?? Are you sick??” Min said


“not. Wae??” Kyu said


“ I realise that you wanna escape from me. “ Min said


“ No, I don’t, “ Kyu said


“are u still mad with me about that incident??? “ Min said


“ no, I don’t, Sungmin.. “ Kyu said


“see, u not called me Min anymore.. u called me SUNGMIN. Wae?? And last noon, u not talk much as usual on that date. Wae?” Min said


“so, u want me to call u Min back?? Ok, fine, I’ll call you Min back” Kyu said


Then, Kyu went away from there.


“Kyu,!!!!!! I’m not finished yet, “ Min said


Kyu just ignored.


x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



 it’s already a year Kyu dated with Wookie, Kyu and Wookie decided to marry.


This news make Lady Hee happy. He never taught that Kyu will marry with his choice.



Finally, the grand day came.

“Bro, are u really serious to marry with Wookie? “ Leeteuk said


“did I have any choice??” Kyu said


“how ‘bout Min? I know you still love him, “ Leeteuk said


“Min is my history, Wookie is my future. There’s nothing I can do, man. “ Kyu said



Then, the door was knock, Lady Hee entered the groom’s room,

“look at my boy. So handsome, “ Lady Hee said


‘‘ thanks, omma!!” Kyu said and kissed his omma


Leeteuk left Kyu with Lady Hee.



He went to Yesung. Seem Yesung have a chat with others infront of church.

“sorry guys, may I borrow Yesung for a moment,” Leeteuk said


“yeah, for sure, “ the guys said


“thanks, “ Leeteuk said



Then, they went to the toilet.


“what are we doing here,bro, “ Yesung said


“we’ve to help Kyu. I know, he still love Min, “ Leeteuk said


“so, u want us cancel this wedding? “ Yesung said


“maybe, I decide want to call Min and tell him the truth, “ Leeteuk said


“oh, sound like good idea. If  Kyu got mad ‘bout this, I’ll blame u,“ Yesung said

“there’s no need to worry, “ Leeteuk said


Then, both of them went out from toilet, they never realise that someone heard what they talked.



Then, Leeteuk called Min,

“ annyeong~ hyung, “ Min said


“annyeong~. Where are u, “ Leeteuk said


“on the way,” Min said


“I’ve something important to tell u, “ Leeteuk said


“what’s , “ Min said


“it’s about Kyu, “ Leeteuk said


Leeteuk told Min everything that Min should know. Min shocked.




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