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As promised, Min met Kyu at SJ Restaurant


“ Kyuhyun-ah, why u ask me for dinner???” Min asked when he sat


“ shhh…. Waiter!!!!” Kyu called


“ Annyeong~  sir…. What you wanna eat..??” waiter said


“ Set 2 please..” Min and Kyu said while looking at the menu


They looked at each other and smiled


“ok…how’s drink??” waiter said


“ apple juice,please” again Min and Kyu said


“Kyuhyun-ah, stop copying me..” Min said


“I’m not copying you, Min,,,” Kyu said


“Yes, u r..” Min said with his childish acted


“ no!!!!!! u r tried to copy me….” Kyu said


Both of them have a such a childish fight


“ Sir…. Stop it´’the waiter try to solve them


“ I’m repeated your order… 2 set 2 and 2 glass of apple juice… That’s all..” the waiter said

“ yup.. mianhe for our acted” Min said


“its ok… couple rite??” waiter said


Kyu just smiled and nodded


 “Kyuhyun-ah!!!!!!!!” Min shouted



“Kyu, why u asked me to went here??” Min asked


“I wanna tell you something..” Kyu said


“ about what??” Min asked


“us.. hopefully, u’ll not mad and I really mean it whatever I said..” Kyu replied


“so, tell me..” Min said


“ I …..” Kyu stop saying that magic words when Siwon came to them


“ Min, I wanna talk to you…about us.. please..” Siwon said


“ Siwon, we already don’t have any relation… there’s nothing to say..” Min said


‘please… 5 minutes..promise…” Siwon replied


Kyu felt that something bad will happen.. B’cus of that, he don’t allowed Min to go


“ Min, please don’t go..” Kyu begged with his hands grabbing Min’s hands


“ 5 minutes, Kyu.. Promise.. “ Min said and walked together with Siwon


5 minutes turn to 15 minutes then 50 minutes then 3 hours


The food that they ordered already cold.. Kyu didn’t touched the food



“ Sir, we wanna closed..” the waiter said to Kyu


“Oh.. may I have my bill” Kyu said


The waiter gave Kyu’s bill… Kyu paid


When Kyu out from the restaurant,


“poor him,” the waiter said slowly with sighed




Kyu can’t sleep that night. He kept think what happen to Min and Siwon.


The next morning, Min called Kyu


“ annyeonghaseyo, Kyu!!!!! How’s your dream??? “ Min shouted


“oh, Min.. annyeong~ “ Kyu said with sleepy voice


“I’ll be there on 8.00 am” Min replied


“Min…..” Kyu said but unfortunately, Min hang up earlier


The clock shows 7.50 am , it’s mean that Min will be there(Kyu’s house) about 10 minutes.


Then, the bell rang


Kyu went to the door, he sprang off the door…


Min went to the house immediately.. Min pull Kyu’s hand


“I have something to tell u, “ Min said


“bo??” Kyu said


“me and Siwon back together again!!!!!!!!!” Min said


“ What???” Kyu shocked at the same time he felt too disappointed..


“ he said that he too silly dumped me.. he wanted back to me…” Min explained


“oh…”  Kyu said


Then, he went to upstairs to go his ‘heaven’ aka room. He left Min behind…


When Kyu enter his room and locked, his tears came fell down. He was disappointed,  too



Min knocked his door


“ Kyu, open up!! What’s wrong with u??..” Min said


“please, go back home.. I’m not in mood… I’m dizzy right now.. Mianhe “ Kyu replied


“ let me check..” Min said


“its ok, i can do by my own. Please, go back…” Kyu said


“are u mad of me because of last night incident?? “ Min said


“NO!!!i’m not, please… go back.. “ Kyu said


His tears start to burst


“mianhe, cheongmal mianhe!!!!!! Kyu, I’m so sorry…” Min said


Kyu just silent.. he too sad..  Min is his first love.. that news are the most terrified news that he ever heard..


“Min, I left painkillers and plain water infront of your door… take care…” Min said


Kyu still silent


After a moment, he heard the car’s engine on and went out from his house.


 Then,Kyu went out from his room. He took the medicine that Min left behind.  After a few seconds, he saw black.



Room VVIP 1315, Seoul Hospital


“Kyu, finally you wake up. “ Yesung said


“bro, u worried us..” Leeteuk continued


“where am I?? what I do here??  Kyu asked. He blurred and his head still hurt


“we found you infront of your room. You were unconscious,bro!!” Yesung said


“doc said that u are too tired” Leeteuk continued


“thanks, guys..” Kyu thanked


“u wanna me called Min??” Leeteuk asked


“NO!! Please… I don’t want see him right now.. my mood doesn’t stable yet.” Kyu replied


“wae???” Yesung asked


“ what’s up??? U got problem with him??” Leeteuk asked


“wait for a moment, how ‘bout our plan, about dinner last night?? Did it work?? “ Yesung asked with eager


“FAILED!!!!!!!! He and Siwon back together again, “ Kyu said with disappointed


“see, I told u,” Yesung said


“fine,u right, I’m wrong. There’s no doubt anymore “ Kyu said


“I’m sorry to hear  that. It’s ok bro, u’ll get someone that is more better  than him..” Leeteuk said



After 30 minutes later, Kyu’s omma, Heechul aka Lady Hee came..


“Lady Hee, annyeong~ “ Leeteuk and Yesung said with bowed


“haish~  kyuhyun-ah, u made omma worried,” Heechul said with his hands rubbing Kyu’s hairs


“omma, it’s ok.. I’m fine… don’t worry about me.. “ Kyu said


“well, guess we should go. Annyeong Kyu. Annyeong Lady Hee, “ Leeteuk said


“annyeong!! “ Kyu and Lady Hee said



After Leeteuk and Yesung went out, Kyu start the conversation,


“omma, starting now,I’ll follow what u want me to do,”  Kyu said


“bo??” Heechul said


“I don’t know why. I’m also want you to find my future wife. I’ll accept whatever they’re” Kyu said


“ that’s my boy!!  Don’t worry Kyu, omma will find someone who’s perfect to you“ Heechul said  


“saranghae, omma!!’ “ Kyu said



Outside the room,

Leeteuk and Yesung quite shock with what Kyu said. They never expected that Kyu will said that.


“it seem that our  bro really disappointed, men.. “ Yesung said


“yup,poor  on him” Leeteuk continue




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