Kyu got panic when Min suddenly cried

He went to Min

“Min, whats wrong with you?? I’m really really sorry about last night..” Kyu tried to explain

Suddenly, Min hugged Kyu tightly

“ Siwon…we’re broke up last night” Min try to explain

Then, Kyu suddenly remember to Siwon.. Siwon is Min’s boyfriend. Kyu ever met him before…

“Serious??” asked Kyu

Min just nodded. Kyu’s shirt already be wet by Min’s tears

“ How could him do that to you..” Kyu said

“ Min~ah, stop crying… you are wasting your tears for that jerk…” Kyu tried to calm Min

Kyu wiped Min’s tears with his handkerchief.. But Min still crying.. He got more panic

“ Min~ah, stop crying now or …..” Kyu said

With magic, Min stop crying…


“Kyuhyun-ah, I’m hungry….” Min said with his cute voice

“That’s my Min…..welcome back Min” Kyu said

“so, what u wanna eat??” Kyu asked

“Kimchi..” Min replied

“and liquor????” Kyu said

“liquor in this day…..???umm~ ok ^^” Min replied


When they happily eat at restaurant, suddenly both of them saw Siwon with someone…

Min’s face suddenly changed

“ Donghae???” Kyu said

Kyu knows that man with Siwon..He’s Donghae…  Trainee at ELF Entertainment

Then, he turns to Min.. Min’s eyes start to tear.. He kept drink liquor

“Min, stop drink that.. U already drink too much…” Kyu forced Min to stop but he failed.

Min kept drink

“ How could him do that to me…does I not enough good to him” Min said

“Min, u are too kind… The jerk like him doesn’t deserve have a  lover like you..” Kyu replied


Min got drunk so bad… Because of that, Kyu gave his ‘piggy-back’ to Min..

“I’m so sorry for you, Min” Kyu whispered

They back to Min’s house… Kyu take care Min for a whole day.. Min still didn’t woke up till the next time

“ouch~ my head is hurt” Min held his head..

He looked at Kyu who’s slept at the sofa.. then Min flashback what happen yesterday..



“ Kyuhyun-ah, actually I didn’t mad about the kiss incident… I like it.. I don’t why…” Min said

Kyu just smiled


“aigoo~ so embarrassment …” Min blushing

“Min, u already woke up??” Kyu said

“Ky..Kyu….mianhe bout yesterday… sorry for give u a  trouble” Min said. He quite embarrass for yesterday incident

“ So, how’s now?? Feel more better??” Kyu asked

“Little bit dizzy… Gomawo… ^^ “ Min replied

“ Well, I have to go now.. Take your medicines.. “ Kyu said before leaved Min

Min just nodded

.”don’t worry I’ll be back here after finished TV Recording” Kyu said




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