At TV recording programme..

Min was busy carrying Kyu’s stuffs

Min looked at Kyu… Kyu seem worried

“Yah, Kyu… whats wrong??? Did i leave something behind??” Min asked

“ I just drop off my charm bracelet… I cant performed well without that bracelet” Kyu said with his worried note

“ Kyuhyun-ah… u performed well or not are not because of that bracelet.. But because of your passion s towards music… not just that, your fans also ..” Min said

Slowly, Min hugged Kyu.. Peace. That was Kyu felt when Min hugged him tightly….

“ believe me..” Min whispered


Without his charm bracelet, Kyu  did his performances.. He did very well….

“ see, I told you already..” Min said

“ gomawo, Min” Kyu said. His face quite blushing..

He don’t know why his heart beating so fast when he with Min


“ since, I already gave you an advice, how bout you pay me for dinner..”  Min said

“ I’m tired… let just have a dinner at home… I cooked..” Kyu said

“ haish..stinggy” whispered Min

“ what did u said???” Kyu asked

“ nothing…. I just said that I want to eat Spagetti… long time not eat Spagetti..” Min said

“sure…” Kyu replied


At Kyu’s house, both of them was preparing their dinner…

“Nice~ Gomawo… “ Min said

“ Not a big deal, Min” Kyu replied

“  Since you are the last one eating, you have to clean all this mess…annyeong~” Min said

“ Yah, where u wanna go???” Kyu asked

“ Infront… I’ll be waiting for you at there..” Min replied


At Kyu’s garden/park

“ Kyuhyun-ah…..!!!!!!! Here….!!!!!!!” Min was shouting to Kyu

Kyu went to Min..

“ wow~ Look at the stars…. Its shaped like a heart…” Min said

“ well, I’ll get it for you…” Kyu said with his hand grabbed something at the sky

“ Here…. Heart for you” Kyu said

“ Kyuhyun-ah, stop fooling me around” Min pinched Kyu

“ ouch~ that’s hurt….. “ Kyu said with his cute note

“  The star is falling… make a wish, Kyu” Min said with closed eyes

Kyu looked at Min.. Cute….

Slowly, Kyu kissed Min’s lips

Min was opening his eyes when he suddenly felt something warm at his lips

Min was shocked..  He was pushing Kyu away and ran back to his car..

“ mianhe, I cant control myself” Kyu said

That was the last words Min heard on that night.


On the next day, Kyu have photo shot with BB magazine


Min texted Kyu

“ I’m not going with you today… I’m not well” Min texted

Kyu texted Min

“ sorry about last night… Cheongmal mianhe” Kyu texted

Min didn’t reply Kyu


On that photo shot, Kyu cant concentrate his jobs.. He kept thinking Min

So, he was decide to go Min’s house


Min’s house

Kyu was knocking the door.. Then, the door was sprang off.. Kyu looked at Min’s face..  Pale.

“ oh, Kyu.. please come in” Min said..  His voice quite different on that day

“ wanna go hospital??” Kyu was offering

“  its ok… I already take some medicine…Achu~ “ Min sneezing

“ about last night….” Kyu said

“lets forget it…” Min said

Kyu felt be dumped


Suddenly, Min cried……



*sorry for my broken English

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