Kyuhyun or should we called him EVIL is the most wanted boy for girls.. it cant be denied that Kyuhyun have an attractive appearance… his smile can kill any girls…

Including this month, it already been 5 months Sungmin worked with him… For Sungmin, Kyuhyun is the most jerking person in this world… He wonder why many girls like him so much….


2.00 am,

Sungmin’s phone rang…

“ Yah Sungmin!!!!!!!!!!! Come here now…Immedietly!!!!!!!”  shouted Kyuhyun via his phone

“ dunt want!!!!!!!!! I’m tired… I’m  just on bed…..” replied Sungmin

“ who asked you to go bed at 2 am???” Kyuhyun said

“who asked me??? Excuse me… Are u got amnesia??? You asked me to accompany you to TV Show and went back at 1.30 am…HAish~” Sungmin said

“ HAish~ I dunt care… I  want you to come here rite now or I’ll cut off your salary..” Kyuhyun said

“ok… Fine…I’ll be there..” Sungmin hung up


At Kyuhyun’s house..

“ Yah, what u want ,huh?? “ the anger Sungmin said

“ how could you talked like that to your employer??? Help me to find my remote control…” Kyuhyun said

“what????? U asked me to went here just want  to help u searching your remote control???? How nonsense…” Sungmin replied with his anger note

“ Would u just shut up and help me to find that remote control???” Kyuhyun  replied

“Haish~ Fine~!!!!!!!! But u have to pay me more for this..araseo!!!” Sungmin replied while his hand try to grab something

Suddenly, Sungmin grabbed something. It quite sticky. Sungmin shouting..

“ what’s wrong, Minnie???” Kyuhyun went to Sungmin

“ The….ther….there…..” Sungmin replied

Kyuhyun went to the place where Sungmin pointed off

Then, he laughed….

“Yah , coward!!!!!!!! It just the spoiled apple…aigoo~ so funny…” Kyuhyun laughed

“ I was accidentally drop off that apple last monts…” Kyuhyun said

“ Haish~…..Shut up!!!!!” Sungmin was blushing

Sungmin kept finding the remote control..Meanwhile, Kyuhyun keep laughing..

“ Yah~ here your remote…” Sungmin throw the remote to Kyuhyun

“kamsa~ , Minnie….” Kyuhyun still cant stop laughing

“Well, I want to go now…See ya~” Sungmin went to the door

When Sungmin tried to sprang the door…

“ Yah~ where u wanna go???….  Do my hot milk now!!!!!!” Kyuhyun said

“ WTH is going on to you!!!!!!! Dunt want….i wanna go back rite now…!!” Sungmin replied

“ Do it now or……..” Kyuhyun said with his Evil note

“ Find!!!!!!!!!!!!” the anger Sungmin replied.. His face suddenly turned red

With his anger note, Sungmin went to Kyu’s kitchen…

Because of too tired, his eyes started to tear

Suddenly……. He accidentally poured a hot water onto his hands..

Quickly he closed his mouth so that Kyu will not listen to his shouting


After making the most annoying people’s drink, he went to Kyu..

“ Yah~ your milk…So, can I go now???” Sungmin said

Kyu just nodded…He was watching his favourite drama

“ Minnie!!!!” Kyu accidentally holding Sungmin’s hands

“ouch…its hurt!!!!!!” Sungmin shouted to him

“what’s happened to your hands…Let me see..” Kyu said with his hand try to grab Sungmin

“its ok…nothing serious….” Sungmin said in his way went to the door

Quickly, Kyu went to Min and grabbed Min’s hands

“Minnie, u get burned… “ Kyu said with his caring note

“ its ok.., I can treat by my own..” Min said

Then, Kyu pull Min to his coach….. Min try to release his hands but he cant.. Kyu pull him to hard

“Yah~ sit here…dunt go anywhere… I get my first-aid kit” Kyu said

Min just nodded

Kyu return to the coach with his hand handing the first-aid kit

“please do with gentle” Min begged

Kyu just kept silent. He was focusing  on his works.

Because of too tired, Min didn’t realise when he fall asleep.

“Cheongmal mianhae…”  someone whispered to Min

That voice is quite familiar to him


On that morning, Min have been woke up by the delicious smell. He went to the kitchen

“ Kyu???”  Min said with weird note

“oh… Good morning, Min…” Kyu replied

“what are u doing??” Min said

“I’m dancing now…cant u see it??? Aigoo~ I’m preparing breakfast….” Kyu replied

“oh…wanna help???” Min said

“ Please place this meal on the table” Kyu pointed at the meal

Min just nodded


Then, both of them having their breakfast

“nice~” Min said with his full mouth

“don’t u know, I’m a good cooker just like my mum..” Kyu replied with his arrogant voice

Min just smiled… He’s totally enjoy that breakfast

“don’t forget.  today I got TV recording programme..” Kyu remind Min

“yes,captain!!!!!!!!” Min replied









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