Boy group Super Junior-M has started to conquer Asia.

Super Junior-M, who had officially began their full-fledged activities in the Chinese-speaking regions with their new mini-album “Perfection”, has recently won first place on music charts in China and Taiwan, showing an outstanding performance.

Super Junior-M, who appeared on the Chinese music programme “Music Billboard Chart”, which was aired on the 5th, had clinched the first place (on the show) immediately after their comeback.

Later on in Taiwan, they had dominated on the album sales aggregate charts of Guan Nan and CCR, and of course on the music charts of the radio HIT FM. It was even more meaningful for them, as they have beaten Taiwanese star Show Luo (on the charts).

In addition, their title song “Perfection” also came in at first place on Taiwan’s authoritative music chart program, HITFM’s “Hito Top Hits”.

Their agency SM Entertainment said that “Super Junior-M released a Chinese-language album based on the localization strategy, and the results of their competition with the local artists in the Chinese music sector once again shows Super Junior-M’s sky-high popularity, cementing their position as one of Asia’s most popular groups”.

Source: TV Daily (via Daum)
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