Seeing That I Couldn’t Get The Towel, Hae Sent Me A Sunflower Via Staff 

Time: 100305

Place: SS3 Shanghai Encore; Leftmost of first row in front of the main stage, one meter away from stage, facing the entrance of backstage.

Event: During one song when Donghae wore a plaid shirt, he stood in front of me and look at my eyes twice, and smiled at me.

After that, during Dancing Out Donghae came up to me again, picked up a towel on the floor, then looked at me and tenderly threw it. The towel dropped directly into my hands while another girl 小Y (Xiao Y) grabbed the other end of it. We both really want it thus kept on dragging. I thought, if it’s not Xiao Y I wouldn’t have been able to come to the first row, if I weren’t in first row Donghae wouldn’t have looked at me, so I let go the towel… In the next song, a staff who wore a concert staff pass came out from the backstage entrance(and walked towards me); he gave me a sunflower and said, “This is for you.” I was confused and asked “For me? Why?” He said “(Someone in) the back(stage) told me to give it to you.” This made me more puzzled because I don’t know anyone in Shanghai, not to mention anyone from the backstage. Another fan besides me also asked him, “Who made you do so?” He didn’t know how to answer, so I asked “Is it from one of the performers today?” He answered “It’s from Donghae.” I was totally shocked! I blankly stood there, holding the sunflower. When I told Xiao Y and pointed her the staff, she was also stunned and doubting… Later the staff went back to the backstage and never came out anymore.

Now I’m so regretful for not catching him (before he went away) and ask what happened exactly. Did Donghae really made him give me this flower?

This is a fancam I shot when Donghae gave me the towel. Starts after 2:00. It’s shaky, I was thrilled.

1. Donghae made him give the flower to me: but Donghae made a staff do so even after he went backstage? I really can’t believe in this massive luck.
2. It’s not from Donghae: but that staff wasn’t a front stage security guard or from the first row, he was from the backstage. He didn’t know about the incident of Donghae throwing a towel to me and that eventually I didn’t get it, but he was able to tell this was from Donghae? Plus, backstage staffs couldn’t go into the front stage freely or give flower to audiences.

So in your guys’ opinions, if this from Donghae?

Other fans commented on this thread by saying “You are so lucky, I’m extremely envious!” “You must be very pretty, Hae must had a crush on you!” “Do you have a beautiful forehead?” and requested to see her photo, therefore she posted some.

(T/N: She failed at sharing larger size pictures… hehe)

Some more info:
1. According to her concertmate, the girl is really very pretty yet gentle and quite. Before Donghae went away he had a glance at her dragging the towel with the other girl, but don’t know if he saw the whole process.

2. The girl is 20 years old.

3. She was Yesung biased, and is refraining herself from changing her bias now. lol~

4. After she got home, she wrapped the flower with two sheets of wrapping papers and put it on the desk~

5. And she adds, “I was too shocked at the time; here are some words for Donghae that I should have passed on to the staff: ‘Thank you Donghae oppa! Thank you for bringing me a good memory, I won’t forget for my entire life! Seeing the sunflower is like seeing you; you are the sunflower in my heart! Best wishes for you!’ “

Source: 艺声的老婆@Baidu Super Junior Bar
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