On March 8th, Super Junior’s Leeteuk guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and expressed an unusual reaction to a story shared by actress Nam Gyuri.

Nam Gyuri had revealed that she randomly met both the CEO of YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment at a coffee shop prior to her debut. She had approached them with her profiles, and asked for an audition with their respective agencies.

She explained, “I sang for Yang Hyun Suk, but his response was lackluster. Then I said that I’d show him a dance, and he took me to a rehearsal room in the basement. After seeing me dance, he accepted me as a trainee.”

When asked by MC Kang Ho Dong whether she was contacted by SM Entertainment, Nam Gyuri hesitated before answering, “I wanted to go to YG more.”

Leeteuk then turned to the camera and created a heart with his arms while cheering, “I’m only for SM. I’ve never even thought of going anywhere else. I plan on burying my bones in this agency!”

Actress Park Han Byul, who is the first actress YG Entertainment took on, added, “I was scouted on the streets and began my trainee life shortly after. I originally prepared to debut as a singer with Yang Hyun Suk’s wife, Lee Eun Ju, but he saw me dance and said I’d do better as an actress than a singer.”

Source: TV Report via Nate Credits: Allkpop