Back when G.NA first debuted, she gained many anti-fans because of B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon’s appearance in her music video for “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live“. However, with her recent “Black & White” comeback and promotions, G.NA’s anti-fans have become fans.

On February 28th, G.NA had a stage during B2ST’s “Danguk Concert”.

On that day, G.NA not only received a lot of enthusiastic cheers from B2ST fans, but her fandom extends to males and females of all ages.

A representative from Cube Entertainment expressed, ‘G.NA’s anti-fans have gradually changed. In the early days of her debut, she had a lot of anti-fans, but now I am relieved. G.NA’s mother used to go on her anti-fancafe almost every day, but now there is no need anymore. In the beginning, G.NA was a little arrogant and haggard in appearance, but now fans are able to see her other charms.

Source: Newsen via Nate